Tuesday, November 23, 2010

CONSEJOS PARA LOS DREAMERS - Tips for Fasters in Solidarity

Angela Davis in San Antonio, TX standing in solidarity with Dream Act NOW! Hunger Strikers.

Some tips for fasters from “Fasting and Eating for Health”
by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

● We are not starving! This is an inherently different act that allows us to
recharge ourselves physically and spiritually. Don't be worried, as a thin
individual can fast for approximately 40 days without showing signs of

● Fasting helps your body heal; not only are we making a symbolic
statement for the Dream Act, but it will help us recover from our usual diets
and lifestyles; it's a win-win situation!

● Because of our rich diet, we might have withdrawal symptoms such as
headaches, extreme fatigue; but you will feel better very quickly, with most
of the symptoms becoming non-existent after 2 days.

● Blood test must be done weekly. You should also do a blood test right
before you start to ensure no kidney or liver issues because your blood
pressure will drop.

● No drugs! Both pharmaceutical and narcotics; check with the doctor if you
are taking prescriptions.

● Due to low blood pressure, refrain from standing up fast or getting excited.

● You will feel colder than usual, so bring extra blankets or sleeping bags.

● During and initially after the fast, no chlorinated tap water; try to drink spring water.

● No sunbathing, hot baths; you can walk around a bit, but no strenuous

● You will require less sleep, but rest through the night.

● Only side-effects will come from detoxifying yourself. One possible
scenario is that you might become light-headed and possibly faint -- can be
avoided with precautions.

● About 1 out of 20 fasters vomit, but it happens because they are
dehydrated. Drink at least a quart of water a day no matter what even if
you don’t feel like it.

● Must break fast slowly: usually one half of an orange or piece of
watermelon size of a small fist. Introduce foods slowly as your digestive
system has been on a long break.

● No pineapple or any fermented food. No under and overripe food
immediately after a fast. No dried herbs or spices added; no slightly rotten
food; no dry foods like baked potatoes, grains or dried fruits. EAT HIGH

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  1. I support your strike and hope that you succeed. A hunger strike which is fasting as you indicate from the above even if you drink plenty of water and better would be gatorade, by the 18h day is extremely dangerous. No matter how good your prior health, the starvation causes dangerous fluid and electrolyte imbalance. This can cause death from many disorders including cardiac fatal arrhythmias. At this point even if you end fasting and do not have the assistance of a physician knowledgeable in treating starvation improper resumption of food can kill as happened to many people in the concentration camps after WWII. No one doubts the sincerity of your actions and your commitment to allowing all immigrants to come out of the shadows and live and DREAM.
    The struggle will go on and your strength will be needed. If you continue to fast it will no longer be a sign of reason but one resembling suicide. Enough is enough. Please dear friends, do not stop this struggle but it is urgent that you end this fast. Viviana