Friday, December 17, 2010

DREAMers from all over the Nation gather in DC to Ensure a Successful Vote

“All I want is an opportunity to prove myself to this country. Once I get that opportunity, the rest, I can do myself with hard work and dedication.”


“Whether it is serving in the military as a JAG officer or serving in the front line as an intelligence officer to lead Marines, who themselves may be DREAMers, I want to earn my place next to the great heroes of our nation that have and are fighting to defend the bedrock principles that are embedded in our Constitution,”




Blood Drive

Yesterday DREAMers and Dream Activists organized a blood drive in Washington, D.C.
"“We’re doing this to show that we have contributed to society, and we do give back to this country,” Martinez said. “We’re all human. We all have the same blood. We contribute so much and that doesn't get told."


DREAMers and Dream Activists from all over the nation continue to arrive in DC as the vote this Saturday will determine the lives of millions of students. We Hope all senators will vote YES on the American Dream Act.

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